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ANCIENT ROME is based on the life and times of Julius Caesar and also the HBO series Rome. It is set around 46 BC. Many of the characters and events in roleplay surround actual historical events mixed with the television series to provide roleplay as closely accurate as possible to this time.








After defeating Gaul and making Rome safe once more, Julius Caesar has just returned to Rome, against the authority of the Roman senate, after famously, crossing the Rubicon River while keeping his army intact. In the ensuing civil war, he had defeated the republican leader, Pompey and followed him to Egypt when Pompey fled.

After his victory, Caesar did not punish the senators who had sided with Pompey during the civil war. He did just the opposite, reappointing and rewarding them with new titles, roles and extending his hand to them in friendship, keeping them in place for his strategic political moves. “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”

Upon arriving in Egypt, however; Caesar was presented with the head of Pompey. Enraged, Caesar demanded the Egyptians pay 40 million sesterces, which he said he was owed for his military assistance during Ptolemy XII’s rein on Egypt. After Ptolemy XII’s death, his throne had been passed jointly to his children, Cleopatra and 12 year old, Ptolemy XIII, because of his young age, the eunuch Pothinus and the Egyptian General Achillas acted on his behalf. They had recently driven Cleopatra out of Alexandria to rule on their own, using the boy’s title as influence.

Caesar helped Cleopatra and restored her throne after overthrowing her brother, Ptolemy XIII. During this time Cleopatra whom she named Caesarion, claiming that he was the son of Caesar, which Caesar denounced.
After leaving Alexandria, Caesar swept through Asia Minor to settle the disturbances there. On August 1, he met and immediately overcame Pharnaces, a rebellious king
He returned to Rome victorious, celebrating four major triumphs (over the Gauls, Egyptians, Pharnaces, and Juba); he sent for Cleopatra and the year-old Caesarion and established them in a luxurious villa in Rome.

He listed his aims as “tranquility for Italy, peace for the provinces and security for the Empire”. His goals included resolving the debt crisis, resettlement of veterans abroad, reform of the Roman calendar, regulating grain, strengthening the middle class and enlarging the senate now to 900.

His political style, as a dictator meant he governed more in the manner of a general than a politician. He often simply announced decisions to the Senate and had them entered as senatorial decrees without debate or vote. His popularity with the people was growing, but he had alienated himself against many of the senators. Mainly, the Republicans, who wished to preserve the old way.







The year is 46 BC. Rome is in a period of political and social change. The people are hopeful for a new future, and looking to Caesar as their savior. Gauls have been defeated, as well as the Republican, Pompey. The Republic is safer than it has been for some time. A successful grain trade has been established with Egypt and Caesar has expanded public works and the senate, bringing work and food to the people.

Many groups of people are in Rome at this time. Jewish and Persians hold businesses within the city, while the Egyptians visit the city frequently and some are even established as they uphold various agreements made between the nations.

There is an abundance of slaves from conquered nations available to the good people of Rome. The Legion anxiously await Caesar’s land rewards. The Aventine is in a period of old meets new with the markets expanding, food for the hungry and a thriving Collegium. All are happy but The Patricians and Equestrian class, who worry about the effects Caesar will have on their land holdings and power over the people. The Senatorial Structure has been challenged. While the Elite conspire, the Pleb class looks hopeful to the future. Politics, new ventures and policies is on the lips of every Roman.

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